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Price List and General Conditions

For In-Company Portuguese Classes as well as less intensive programs, please request a quote at +5511 3672 8511 / 3673 7271 or click here to contact us.

Each Lesson: 50 minutes

For information about the course “Aperfeiçoamento de português para estrangeiros” click here.

Tuition Fees: Portuguese Programs / FLAS Fellowships

Important Note:For enrolments and payments made at least 4 weeks prior to the classes start date a 10% Off is granted on the tuition fees.

Enrolment Fee + Material US$ 160
INTENSIVE 15 – (15 classes a week)
Course length US$
One week 335
Two weeks 645
Three weeks 840
Four weeks 1090
Add weeks (5-48) 270
INTENSIVE 20 – (20 classes a week)
Course length US$
One week 405
Two weeks 790
Three weeks 1050
Four weeks 1380
Add weeks (5-12) 340
Add weeks (13-48) 330
INTENSIVE 30 – (30 classes a week)
Course length US$
One week 590
Two weeks 1150
Three weeks 1590
Four weeks 2100
Add weeks (5-12) 520
Add weeks (13-48) 510
Class / week US$
10 500
20 1000
30 1500
Homestay accommodation per week US$
Single room, bed + breakfast 315
Single room, half board 365
Executive – private bath Add 70 per week
Youth Hostel Prices available upon request
Hotel (2-5 stars) Prices available upon request
Residence Hotel Prices available upon request
Airport transfer one way: US$ 70



For those who request host family accommodation the payment should be made preferably 6 weeks prior to the starting date.

To enroll for courses only, payments should be made at least 2 weeks prior to the starting date.

The student fills in the enrolment form and sends it to the school.

Classes are held from Monday to Friday.


The student has to be 16 years or older to be accepted in the Portuguese Program.


• International money order

• Bank transfer


• Provided in the Student Invoice


Cancellation must be communicated in writing ( e-mail or fax ) to It’s Cool Language Center, before beginning of course.

If the cancellation is made:

• Up to 15 days before the beginning of the course a $250 cancellation fee will be charged. All the other costs and tuition fees regarding course and housing will be refunded.

• Less than 15 days before the beginning of the course, the whole amount will be forfeited.

• If cancellation is made after the course has started, the full tuition fee is forfeited. However, in case of enrolments longer than three months the Director will evaluate the possibility of allowing credit for part of the tuition fee.

• If the student decides not to attend classes or to shorten the course, he / she is not entitled to any refund.

• Housing and tuition fees are not transferable from person to person.


It’s Cool Language Center is not liable for the loss of personal objects, damages, illnesses or injuries to people on the premises.


All students at It’s Cool Language Center are required to have medical and personal insurance before leaving their home country, however you can also get a full insurance package from us.

The school is closed on the following dates*

January 1st (New Year)

January 25th (Friday – City Foundation)

February (Carnival – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – part time)

March (Good Friday, Easter)

May 1st (Wednesday – Labor’s Day)

May (Thursday – Corpus Christi and Friday – Religious Holiday)

September 7th (Independence Day)

October 12th (Brazil’s Patron Saint – Children’s day)

November 2nd (All Soul’s Day)

November 15th (Republic Proclamation)

School break: December 20 – January 6

*No reductions or refunds are made to prices in respect of closures on national holidays.

**For teaching purposes, the school reserves the right to reduce class time to 45 minutes each class instead of 50 minutes, should the number of students in the group be fewer than 4.

Our Teachers

Português and English Teacher

Language and Tanslation (English – Portuguese / Portuguese – English) graduate since 2013 from Unilasalle (Canoas/RS). Has worked as an English teacher since 2008 and has been part ot It’s Cool team since 2017.

French and Portuguese Teacher

French – Portuguese graduate from USP (University of Sao Paulo).
Part of his graduation was in Sorbonne, Paris.
Has had over 5 years of experience as a French and Portuguese for foreigners teacher. Has been part of It’s Cool Team since February, 2018.

Maria Inez
Portuguese and French Teacher

Language and French literature Graduate. Bachelor of Arts by Unesp. Bachelor´s degree in Languages by PÙC (Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo) São Paulo.
Has got specialization in Translation, French by USP (University of Sao Paulo) Master degree in French Philosophy by UFSCAR (Federal University of Sao Carlos), SP. Has worked at It´s Cool International since 2000.

See some reviews

“I’m so happy that I made the choice to study at “It’s Cool Idiomas”. I have learned so much since I first started and I enjoy coming to class everyday. The teachers and staff are very welcoming, friendly, and professional.”

Christine Wipfli
“My name is Guilherme and I currently live in Miami. My son Luca Vega Romanholi is a student at It’s Cool and today I was very impressed with his evolution. We did a facetime of approximately 10 minutes in English and to my surprise, he is speaking fluently. Today I can say, I am very satisfied with the English school that we have chosen for him.
Guilherme Romanholi
Thank you so much to everyone here at It’s Cool, what a great team ! I’ve learned a new language very quickly through effective methods. The teachers are very patient and do their best to help us improve. Fanny Raffin, França Até logo!
Fanny Raffia – França
“Sempre fui muito cético com relação aos benefícios de um curso de inglês. Não que o estudo de uma língua estrangeira não fosse importante mas sempre achei que esse tipo de curso
nunca passasse do “verbo to be”, algumas palavras de vocabulário ou do “the book is on the table”.
Quando minhas filhas, à época com 10 e 13 anos, mostraram interesse em fazer um curso como esse fiquei bastante reticente. Procuramos a It´s cool e decidimos fazer uma experiência.
Dois anos depois posso dizer que valeu muito o investimento. Minhas filhas alcançaram um nível de compreensão que está muito além da expectativa. Suas notas de inglês na
escola são excelentes e posso comprovar o aproveitamento delas quando são expostas ao inglês, falado e escrito.

Sem dúvida, a It´s cool nos surpreendeu . Recomendo a escola sem medo de errar.”

David Lisboa Neto” – Pai das alunas Giulia e Mariana Bonadio Lisboa

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