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The tip of tourism today is located at ground zero of São Paulo. It is a symbol of the city, for both its historical and religious importance .This place is called ‘’ Catedral da Sé ‘’.

The start of construction was in 1913, the inauguration took place in 1954, but the cathedral just won its final shape in 2002. After a restoration that completed the original design, the building added 14 turrets and stained glass facade of the church.

The neo-Gothic building with 111 – meter long and 46 wide, houses several curiosities that often escape the eyes of the visitor. Despite the European style, the cathedral has many Brazilian elements, such as altars with green and yellow stones, and the capitals of the columns with animals and plants of the national fauna and flora.

The best way to know ‘’ Catedral da Sé ‘’ is by the guided tour, which includes a visit to the crypt where the bishops, the archbishops of São Paulo , the conductor Feió and the indian chief Tibiriçá are buried .

If you like historical sites this is definitely a place to visit.

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